Where’s Buco?

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Here’s an updated map of Buco’s trip. The middle pin is him in Concrete, Washington. The westernmost pin is Buco looking for the westernmost point in the continental United States, or as far away from Key West as he can be and still be in the states. I’m sure there will some sort of photo opportunity when he finds that point..

When last seen, he was in Winthrop, Washington on Highway 20 which goes through the North Cascades National Park. They call this area the American Alps and for good reason.This road wasn’t yet completed when I spent time out there in the early 70’s, in a place called Marblemount, on the other side of the Cascades from where Buco is right now. Tim, our security guy hails from Concrete, Washington, right down the road from Marblemount. H esays we need to call Buco to give him a heads up on the speed trap just outside of Concrete. Tim should know.
Here’s a stock photo of The Hub Bar in downtown Concrete. Buco said he stopped in there today for a beer. It’s a place I’m sure Tim knows well.

Below is a Google map of the area that you can zoom in and out of. We’ll try to keep up on this map thing as much as our tech saavy allows.

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