“What We’re Drinking This Week” is a Hendrick’s Gin & Fever Tree Tonic

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Driven by the Memorial Day weekend and all it connotes, and inspired further by a recent New York Times article on the timelessness  of a classic Gin and Tonic, “What We’re Drinking This Week” is gin, and the gin we have chosen to spotlight on this holiday weekend is Hendrick’s, a small-batch, hand-crafted gin produced in Scotland, 

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At first glance, Hendrick’s, with a kind of a “wonky bottle”, looks like it would be more at home on an apothecary shelf than a bar rail. And it just gets weirder from there. Enjoying a sort of cult status in this country, Hendrick’s has chosen delicate infusions of cucumber and rose petals rather than heavily-scented botanicals to build a following.
 With Hendrick’s, unlike other botanical heavy gins,  the infusions do not overwhelm the base spirit. Which means you can add this gin into a cocktail and it will add to the flavor profile not become it.
To elevate our chosen cocktail a bit more, we believe that, just as some distilled spirits are better than others, all tonic waters are not created equal, there are some tonics that just stand out. 
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New on our shelves is Fever Tree Tonic.
 If you’re a fan of the classic gin and tonic  may you just want to craft yourself a drink with Fever Tree. Fever Tree is a premium all natural mixer made with the best natural ingredients and  uses the highest quality quanine from the cinchona tree, hand cold-pressed orange oil, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives
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I made myself a Hendrick’s Gin and Fever Tree Tonic when I got home from work last night, and while eschewing the cucumber slice for the traditional lime wedge, was won over in short order by the subtle subtle virtues.
I may even craft another when I get home tonight.