National Rum Day

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sailor jerry and pineapple juice at the green parrot

Roll with the Punches Rum Punch Challenge

With National Rum Day August 16th, upon, it may serve us well to take a look at where The Green Parrot stands on the state of rum today.
In a tropical-drink world overrun with tiny umbrellas, excessive garnishes, too many splashes of Grenadine and swirls of Blue Curacao here’s what we consider to be perhaps the ultimate in simple cocktails, the Sailor Jerry two-ingredient Rum-and -Pineapple.
Pineapple, that most accessible of tropical fruit juice coupled with smooth, aromatic Cruzan-distilled , 92 proof  Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum in a tall zombie glass packed with ice, can instantly transport you to some wide, shady veranda, a sun-drenched beach or Honolulu dive-bar…. or, maybe just grease the wheels to ease you into a seat under a Parrot ceiling fan for a Friday soundcheck. 
 “What We’re Drinking This Week”
is Sailor Jerry & Pineapple
Recipe: Take a 10 oz zombie glass, pack it with a lot of ice,  add 1.5 oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, fill w/ pineapple juice, serve; no floats, no garnish, no limes.
You can belly up to the bar and order one of these tailor-made by one of our seasoned-staff,  or drop in next door to the Green Parrot Liquor Store and grab a liter of  Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a few cans of Dole Pineapple juice, a a bag of Green Parrot Bar Ice (yes, bar ice makes a difference , and  have your own Adventure in Paradise at home