What Have We Here?

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What we have here is a photo with my cousin Chris Ranalli on the left and myself, John Vagnoni on the right. More importantly, what we have here above our heads is a sign from Sharkey’s Tavern screwed to the ceiling of the Green Parrot.

The proprieters of Sharkey’s were also a Ranalli and a Vagnoni: Chris’ grandfather, Jimmy Ranalli and my father, Al Vagnoni.

Needless to say I am very proud of this sign and this photo and would like to thank Chris’ father Frank and my brother Mike for retrieving the sign from the basement of the Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania saloon where it sat gathering dust for nearly 30 years. They both cleaned it up and sent it to me along with some photos, which I will also post, showing the same sign hanging on the facade of the surburban Philadelphia bar along with Jim and Al (the sign is hanging, that is, not Jim and Al). For all of this I thank you both.