Welcome to the NEW Green Parrot Blog!

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This is an experiment, folks. Maybe it’ll be a little easier for us to keep you up to date and involved. We’ll be providing links to local items of interest and have added a comments section. Your thoughts on this baby are appreciated, let us know what you’d like to see here.

We’ll try to post information on the great bands appearing here, any special events, maybe a little gossip, and whatever’s blowing in the wind. Many of you have a personal relationship with us, and we’d like to foster and promote that, so we invite your participation. Others may just want to hit and run, checking things out. Those of you who are new to the site and are thinking of visiting us, we hope this will encourage you.

There’s just one rule: No Snivelling!

So hit the comments link and tell us what you’d like in a Green Parrot Blog.