Way to Go Charlie

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Abe gives Charlie as “Atta’ Girl”

This Letter to the editor appeared in the Key West Citizen and the heroine is none other our Charlie of Ron and Charlie. While we commend her for her honesty it doesn’t surprise anyone who knows her because, “hey, that’s just the kind of hairpin she is”.

The Letter to the Editor in The Citizen was titled:
Thanks to the woman who returned my wallet

and read as follows:
Although my friend and I had a fun vacation this past April in Key West, the highlight of the trip for me was my belief in the goodness of our fellow man was reinforced by the action of one of your good citizens.

I didn’t even realize I had lost my wallet until I received a call on my cell. … It contained cash, credit cards, identification, receipts. From one of these receipt, she telephoned and got my cell number.

My heroine refused the offer of a reward and was just pleased to know that we were enjoying our time in Key West. After several inquiries, I have discovered that this kind lady’s full name is Charlene Bell, and she works at Key West Conch Traders. … I believe a woman with such integrity and honesty should be recognized and would especially like her family and friends to know of the kindness she has shown to a visitor from Toronto. …

Valerie Marie Parsons

Toronto, Canada

The truth is Charlie could have kept the wallet, bought a new hat, and been in New Orleans before anyone knew what had happened.

Here’s what Charlie looked like last year at Jazzfest.But here’s how we’ll all see Charlie when she walks in the Parrot from now on