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Waterseed Brings New Orleans Funk and Soul to Green Parrot Party

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Waterseed Brings New Orleans Funk and Soul to Green Parrot Party

Combining the joyous sounds of traditional New Orleans jazz with the adventurous funk of Parliament, Waterseed, a big, bold ensemble from New Orleans brings their unpredictable experimental edge to the Parrot stage

 What do you call a musical gumbo that recalls the ancestral strut andjoie de vivre of the New Orleans’ Tremé, the drama and ecstasy of the church’s wailing floor, and the suited-up sophistication of jazz threaded with the party funk of Parliament?

What do you name sounds that hail from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the red dirt South all at once?

How do you label music that simultaneously evokes all of the uncontainable energies and passions exploding from so many disparate musical legacies?

Here we call it Water Seed.

 Whether giving a Stevie Wonder classic the bayou brass band treatment or driving dance parties with the vigorous polyrhythm of its original tunes, this New Orleans outfit serves up an exuberant live show that is not to be missed.