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It seems the dispute between Buco and the city has more legs than your average municipal rent negotiation.

Let’s keep the ball rolling to see that the word spreads that this guy is about to get reamed by the city fathers.

Call or email your city commisioners. Let’s give Buco some of the help that he has always offered all of us over the last 25 years. The list of the people and organizations he has donated time, labor and product to is a long one.

(Update: Vicki)

Send some emails in support to:

  • Mayor McPherson –
  • Commissioner Bill Verge –
  • Commissioner Mark Rossi –
  • Commissioner Dan Kohlage –
  • Commissioner Harry Bethel –
  • Commissioner Jose Menendez –
  • Commissioner Clayton Lopez –

City Hall Switchboard: 305-809-3700

(Be nice, please)

Thanks in advance. It’s important that we help. Surely any of you who have visited our Island share our concern that we’re not corporatized to the max, which is where this is heading.