Was the Extra Two Hours Really Worth This?

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Well the portals of the Parrot swung open two hours earlier than the usual due to the repeal of a decades-old blue law that forbade the sale of alcohol in Key West before noon on Sunday.

We were excited by the hype and the anticipated new business.

Would it be some well-heeled tourists looking for a Bloody Mary before brunch?
Would it be it some some boaters looking to snag a six pack or two before their day on the water?
Wrong again.
What we got was a parrot, a pirate, Bar Tab Larry, Joe Weed and a stroller-to-be named-later on their own ground-breaking, pre-noon bar stroll.
Truth be told, if the camera were to pan around the bar we would see quite a few folks enjoying their Sunday morning, watching the woman’s soccer game, shooting pool, eating popcorn, playing the juke box and generally doing what folks do in the Parrot. And as a footnote the gentleman on the left in my photo was mugging for the camera and not really getting up close and personal with the bar rail.