Wait, They Have One Too?

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We received this postcard from Budapest today from our old and dear friends Paul and Debbie Fecate.

Just how dear we are to them you can gather from their highly personalized salutation.

But at any rate, the Fecates remain always on the lookout for Parrot or Keys-related tidbits on their jaunts around the globe and they took the time to send us this card from Budapest with their Sharpie-annotation added in the lower right-hand corner to point out the exact location of Hungary’s very own Zero-Mile marker. (Yea, and I guess the Russians invented baseball.)
I wish we could use Google Earth to zoom in on their marker to see if they have the same witless tourists clustered around their sign as we do around ours, double-parked, as they bound out of their vehicles to circle around the unremarkable sign awaiting their turn for a photo-op or even worse, ready to break out the tool kit or can of spray paint to either unbolt the sign and spirit it away to some dorm room or tag it with their gang sign.
I seriously doubt it, and I’ll bet you’d be hard-pressed to find a zero-kilometer coffee mug, bumper sticker or ball cap in all of Budapest, let alone some Hungarian entrepreneur suing the poor slobs who might be hawking those uninspired tchotckes.
Of course, what we’re really looking for is a photo of the first and last bar next to the Kilometer-Zero sign, there has to be one.
As a kind of an aside, as we passed the postcard around, Patrick, (not The Brotherman), but Patrick of the mo’s, asked to examine the postage and if you click on the photo to enlarge it you’ll see a few interesting, if puzzling, stamps,