Update from Sgt. Rivas

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We got our first reply from our letter to Sgt. Rivas today, complete with a few Iraqi dinars for a souvenier. Some of you must be writing as he says he’s gotten a lot of mail and is grateful.

Miguel answered the burning question: How did you come to write us here at The Parrot?? Unsurprisingly, he said he saw the old Playboy article and added, “See? It pays to read the articles.” Ha! My first thought is of the condition of a 3-year old Playboy magazine in the Iraqi desert.

He’s also a “newspaper guy” in his hometown paper. His articles from the front can be viewed here. Use the search feature on the front page, using keyword “Rivas.”

Please keep those letters going! I noticed from his newspaper articles, Miguel and his buddies could use some powdered soft-drinks, candies, and other “luxuries.”

I assume more recent issues of Playboy might be in order, too.