Photo of people playing ukuleles in Key West

Ukulele Night

“In terms of Improving one’s mood and general outlook I consider the ukulele to be the big gun.” -Louden Wainright III

Spawned on a whim, or some might say, a dare, after we found a ukulele on the sidewalk outside the Parrot, the monthly Wednesday meetings have become one of the Parrot’s Cultural crown jewels, giving locals and tourists the chance to ascend to the Parrot stage and be part of “One Ukin” Family.

Photo of crowded bar during the day in Key West

The Scene

It seems we have uncovered a Key West ukulele scene that was simmering just below the surface with meetings being better attended each and every month. The Green Parrot is the perfect spot to meet people and make music at the same time.

Green Parrot Ukulele Night

Night of Fun

Like so many of the good things that happen at The Parrot, the success of Ukulele Night is not the result of one person’s talent or passion, but rather the result of a group of people taking a seed, planting it and nurturing it to fruition all with the same goal, just to have some fun. Charter members who were the hand-maidens of this included Ron and Charlie Bell, Will Thompson, Jay Gewin, Ashley Kamen and Gretchen Mills, Allison Withers Johnson, and Gary Zimmerman.

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