Ukulele Night Happenings

Photo of Uke Zach

Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra Concert, Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The Green Parrot Ukulele Orchestra tunes up in a temporary orchestra pit on the front porch of The Green Parrot Liquor Store, not a bad spot for pickin’ anytime! Two ukuleles on display, generously donated by Grateful Guitar,  to be raffled off to benefit the Bahama Village Music Program. Next to the ukes,  a newly-minted […]


Donated Ukes Now on Display at Green Parrot Liquor Store: Win a Uke, Change Your Life.

This beautiful KALA ukulele, hand painted by Haitian artist Jean Paul, is one of two ukes donated by The Grateful Guitar in Duval Square and will be part of a raffle held tomorrow, April 27th,  at 5:30  as part of The Green Parrot Ukulele Association Concert.  Proceeds from he raffle will benefit The Bahama Village Music Program […]


Ukulele Raffle Saturday, April 27th to Benefit Bahama Village Music Program

As part of the upcoming Green Parrot Ukulele Association’s Orchestral debut on Saturday, April 27th at 5:30 PM, Daryl Brooke of The Grateful Guitar has donated two ukuleles from their fine selection of instruments at their Duval Square store that will be raffled off at Saturday afternoon’s show. All proceeds will go towards the purchase […]


A Brief History of The Green Parrot Ukulele Association

The other evening, while The Parrot was hosting their monthly meeting of The Green Parrot Ukulele Association, I noticed a few folks stroll by, stop, peer quizzically inside and remark, “Look at all those people with ukuleles. What are all those people doing in there?” That’s a good question and one that has been asked […]


Green Parrot Ukulele Association February Meeting

KEY WEST, Fla. (January 30, 2012) — The next meeting of The Green Parrot Ukulele Association will be held on Wednesday, February 1, with co-hosts Jeff Clarke, Tim McAlpine and Jay Gewin. Following the format as in past shindigs, the meeting will begin at 8 p.m. with a workshop for those just starting out on […]


Strummin’ along: Highlights in the ukulele’s history

I was puttering around the uke online universe when I spotted this great historic breakdown of the uke on the San Diego Union-Tribune website. It was a bit buried among things and easy to miss, so I thought I’d re-produce it here for your ease of reading. All credit goes to them. This photo of […]