Tony Hillerman and Sunday Morning at The Green Parrot Little Free Library

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A new Tony Hillerman novel arrives in The Green Parrot Little Free Library

Curating The Green Parrot Little Free Library on a rainy Sunday morning, with more rain on the way.I spot a newly-donated volume, no dust jacket,  but the name catches my eye: Tony Hillerman.  Could be a perfect day to spend some time with The Tribal Police in the land of the Navajo.

Thanks, Green Parrot Little Free Library!
As a footnote, on the “Other Books by the Author” page, the previous owner had checked off as having -read, nearly all of the Hillerrman books listed, leaving behind as well as some marginalia on how often a certain phrase appears in this particular novel.
That to me is one of the great virtues of used books, and another reason I love  The Little Free Library. While a brand-new book communicates solely with it’s first-reader, a used book has the possibility of granting us, the current owner, a sort of legacy from past owners as well, be it a note on the flyleaf, a greyhound bus ticket left as a bookmark, or just a coffee stain.