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Juggernaut Jug Band at Green Parrot
“…they don’t let their virtuosity get in the way of having fun.”

-Washington Post
With their zany showmanship and straw-hat schtick and
promising “to make as much music as any four humans can”, The
Juggernaut Jug Band will take the stage at The Green Parrot Bar, on
Monday and Tuesday, February 20 and 21 beginning at 9 o’clock with a
special 5 PM sound check on Tuesday.
For the Juggernaut Jug Band each performance is a challenge to the
audience to have as much fun as the band.
The Louisville, Kentucky-based group has been together for
more than 30 years and infuse every show with sparkling musicianship
and a wacko sense of humor.
The JJB serves up eclectic sets of old-fashioned, back porch
music that includes everything from a lazy version of the Doors’
“People Are Strange” and a Led Zeppelin medley to a lively “Don’t Get
Around Much Anymore and a loping, deranged take on the Who’s “Pinball
Wizard.” It’s weird, wonderful stuff!
The genre gets its name from the stoneware jug that’s used to
blow the bass line. This pivotal piece unites a wide and innovative
array of instruments-including washboard, fiddle. harmonica, trumpet,
kazoo, guitar, washtub bass, mandolin, dobro and banjo. Founding
member of the JJB Roscoe Goose jokes, “that every time the group sets
up its equipment somewhere, the place looks more like a hardware
store than a musical venue.”
Please take note that an actual jug will be played at your
Southernmost Center for Jugband Culture, The Green Parrot Bar. For
additional information call 294-6133.
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