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Tommy Malone, the ‘heart and center’ of the legendary New Orleans “The Subdudes”

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tommy malone

We host the incredibly talented and soulful Tommy Malone, the ‘heart and center’ front man of the legendary New Orleans Americana act The Subdudes.
In the video on the next page Tommy Malone covers The Subdudes classic “Carved in Stone”. From the first chord these guys struck,. it was apparant to all present we were in for an exceptional night of music. Thank you Tommy.
Tommy is brother to The Radiators guitarist Dave Malone and uncle to the Dave’s gifted daughter Darcy Malone, of Darcy Malone and the Tangle, themselves solidly placed in the Parrot’s rotation of NOLA bands and scheduled to play here last March in the “before times”.
We’re missing all of our great musicians and our music-loving customers but we’re open again and as we look back to magical nights like these we’re reminded that if we take things one day at a time, we will all someday get back there.#subdudes #tommymalone #carvedinstone#darcymaloneandthetangle #nolamusic #greenparrotbar #keywestlivemusic #livemusic #localsbar #divebar#keywestbars