To quote a noted British poet…”Hurry up please, it’s time”

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Seven P.M. is certainly an odd closing time for the Green Parrot but with inclement (or worse) weather imminent… when its time…it’s time.

For those who have never witnessed the 4 A.M. version of this closing ritual I’m sure it was quite a revelation. First sound of shutters being slammed shut and bolted. Then the denseness of the air as the fans spin to a silent stop. Then the searing light from the bare 60 watt bulb hanging behind the bar goes on and you get good 360 degree look at your fellow patrons and the jukebox dies and what was once kind of a soothing background patter now becomes a loud, muttering jabber like some strange patois.

But it’s not a bad thing…it something that happens every night and it’s always different…some leave sorrowfully and only with much coaxing, other just kind of dance out into the night like they were part of some conga line and still others look genuinly surprised to suddenly find themselves standing on the sidewalk outside a closed door.

At any rate, it happens every night, tonight just a little earlier than usual.