The State of the Parrot

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It’s been a year since Pat Croce and I forged our new partnership at The Green Parrot and I’d like to report that The State of The Parrot is Good.

I think folks’ greatest fear–change–has been put to rest. As we used to say back in the ’60s, “Things are more like they are now than they have ever been before.”

In years past, I was never one to get up close and personal with a camera, but this past year, among other things, Pat has helped me come out of my shell a bit, and it’s been a good thing, and I think this recent Key TV video reflects that.
Pat’s an easy-to-be-around, half-full kind of guy and that’s contagious. I think that’s why I kind of forgot the Key TV camera was even rolling. Pat gets me thinking about all the things I love about the Parrot and makes me just want to spread the word.

It might be part of me rediscovering my roots, you know Pat and I practically hung out on the same corner in Philly (hanging on the corner is considered a high art form in Philly) or maybe it’s that our Parrot partnership has given us a common goal and that we share the same core values, but with a year under our belts I’ve never felt more comfortable personally.

As a result, our bar seems to be hitting on all cylinders and I think it’s safe to say the transaction that went down last May has proved to be a good one for me, The Parrot, and its patrons.

For patrons, you see the same great staff, beer’s never been colder (thanks, Buco), still the best music in town, or anywhere for that matter, (you never know if it will be funk, rock, or reggae but you know it will be good), and most importantly, the same fan base in the friendly confines, that’s you, the customers I’m talking about (from “the street to the elite” as Pat says). It’s you that continue to make the Parrot what it is, and we never want that to change.

Without your continued patronage, your congeniality, your sense of humor that gets us through the rough spots, and the passion and enthusiasm you bring with you that keeps our goal one of constant improvement, we might as well fold up the tent and head the wrong way down Southard.