The Red Book

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Here’s a page from yesterday’s Red Book. The Red Book being the daily log book we use to keep to-do lists, note incoming messages, communicate between employees, kind of a mailbox to drop a line between shifts, and a journal to document incidents in a timely manner, whether it be a slip and fall, a police call, a customer’s complaint or commendation, a patron asked to behave or to take his leave…many things. More importantly,it serves a vessel for employee wishes,simple requests that would make a world of difference, as is the case with the juke box here…to please, please take off some of the Stones cd’s, since as all the bartenders are painfully aware, that after a certain time, or after a certain altitude has been reached by certain patrons. the hundred choices on the box will suddenly default to the most familiar, common and safest choices. i.e. in this case,The Rolling Stones…. played in what seems to the bartender to be an endless, incessent, perpetual rotation…I mean, this guy’s beggin’ here..