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 The Howlin’ Brothers bring their HOWL Tour to The Green Parrot Bar

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Readymade Recording artists – roots based and genre bending – The Howlin’ Brothers bring their HOWL Tour to
The Green Parrot Bar


“This is the house that Sam Phillips built, and it has changed little over the years.  The studio is the same
sweaty room with no air conditioning.  I bet that sweat conjures up some powerful ghosts.  In their session,
the Howlin’ Brothers’ they add a slight rockabilly twist to their normal style.  One wonders if they planned it
that way, or if the magic of their surroundings took over.  It really doesn’t matter, whatever their motivation,
the result was a session that showcased a talented band that treated their surroundings with an appropriate
reverence.  I think Sam Phillips would have given The Howlin’ Brothers a contract and a Cadillac.”
– Chip Frazier/Twangville (11.11)

“The mystique of the studio is equal only to the ghosts in residence, whether real or imaginary.  The
Howlin’ Brothers walked in and through osmosis or telephony, recorded a classic set of songs, dripping
with Sun Studio mojo”
– Kath Galasso/Our Vinyl (10.24)

“When The Howlin’ Brothers bound into a song you can feel the history of American music come alive.”
– Chris Parton/CMT Edge

“This is the coolest f*cking record I’ve heard in a long time!!!  These guys just knocked it out of the park!”
– Bill Hurley / The Alternate Root