Photos from The Green Parrot 18th Annual Tradesman’s Appreciation Day

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The assembly line for Tradesman’s cards begins


Photos are taken outside


A vintage Tradesman’s Nail Apron


Archival footage, the first flyer


Jimbo of “Where’s Jimbo…” fame


Red Dog and Norman


Smiling Artist shows her card



“Molar Mechanic”


Buco raffles off the Strunk Hardware Gift Certificates


More Gift certificates from Strunk




Photos taken outside



Pulled Pork from Charlie Mac’s


Charlie Mac’s supports tradesman


Strunk, Irwin and The Green Parrot say Thanks


Jimbo, an OG Tradesman sports his “94 card



Tradesnmen Gone Wild


Them Irwin Boys


Real Tradesman line up for cards



Charlie Mac’s pulled pork sandwich


Ralph the photographer


Thank’s,  Irwin Tools


Irwin Tradesman;s gear was everywhere


cranking out the photos


more Irwin gear


The Assembly Line


Girls on the line




Thank a Teacher