The Courthouse Deli Bench: “The Early Years”

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Now that The Bench has sort of gone public, I thought it wouldn’t mind if we rolled back the clock a little and look at some of the bench’s “baby pictures”.

I mean we’re all friends here, and they grow up so quick.

 Here’s Sonoma County, California-by-way-of-New-Orleans soul/funk guitarist Eric Lindell enjoying a cafe con leche from Buco’s Courthouse Deli wiith friend (now wife-and-mother) Sarah on a bench that leaves little room for company.
Apparantly it was first-come, first-served back in the day.  As cute a bench as it is, I don’t think that piece of outdoor furniture would suffice today Posted by Hello

Let’s move ahead a few years, let’s call these, for lack of a better term, the teen-years for the bench, awkward, perhaps feeling a little self-conscious and low on self esteem, but never the less, accomodating, as we see here.
Here we see Fritz and Francois, the Parrot’s crack team of sound engineers,having polished off their chicken and waffles and with instructions to management to “just text me” if there are any problems with the sound, as they lazily monitor the sound quality from their vantage point across the street.
It is apparent,  just from looking at the person to Fritzee’s right, however, that this adolescent bench, though easily twice the size of the baby-bench Eric and Sarah enjoy their coffee on, needs to annex a little more real estate.