The Banana Peel Blues Club in Belgium

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I just received an email from Noel, a kindred spirit and blues fan at The Banana Peel Club in Belgium who has been logging on to the Green Parrot website regularly to watch the bands perform on our live streaming webcam. I’ve included a link to his club in Belgium. His email follows along with some photos of his club. It’s cool that he likes the blog too and I especially dig his props to the fisheye and we’ll see how many gals wear a blue shirt and want Noel to buy them a beer.

Hi Parrot,

i’m a Belgian long time (40 yrs) diehard bluesfan and i found this nice site while surfin’ around a bit.
Djeezus what a nice club you own,and that webcam possibility is so good,i’m print the list of gigs and follow this close.
Beautyfull pics like on your blog i never saw before,that fish eye effect is great on blues,i must try that to.
My favorite blues joint in Belgium is called “the banana peel club” in Ruiselede.
All these guy’s who’s are playin’ at your’s,play in my club to,ask them ,the know!
We all are bluesbrothers till death,i tell you that.

Keep the good work going on,we do the same.
I include some banan peel pics for y’all!

See you on cam and a present beer for that girl with the blue tshirt on the bar for me!!!!