Super Bowl party lands one man in hospital

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Following  is a story that appeared in Monday’s Key West Citizen describing a Super Bowl Party gone horribly wrong.
I particularly like the offhanded “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”  tone of  the last line of the citizen story and I’ve also included a few of the headlines the story generated in the national media.

A 42-year-old Key West man needed 52 stitches to his face and testicles after a card game at a Super Bowl party turned violent early Monday.

Vinh Ngoc Pham suffered deep cuts to his face and genitals during a 2 a.m. fight with 27-year-old Y Le of Sugarloaf Key that included broken beer bottles, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office press release. Le’s jaw was dislocated in the incident, sheriff’s spokeswoman Becky Herrin said.

Le was charged with felony aggravated battery and Pham faces one count of misdemeanor battery.

Le was hosting a party at his house in the 17000 block of Starfish Lane and reportedly was trying to force a group of men who were playing cards — Pham included — to leave the house because it was late. At some point both men began arguing and the fight escalated outside, reports say.

Witnesses — there were at least five other people reportedly present — told deputies that both men felt disrespected by the other. Witnesses told deputies Pham punched Le in the side of the face and Le countered by allegedly stabbing Pham in the face with a broken beer bottle. One witness told deputies both men grabbed beer bottles and threatened each other.

A wrestling match reportedly ensued as both men fell to the ground, littered with beer-bottle glass. At that time, Pham alleges, Le grabbed his testicles and punctured them with his hands, reports say.

Witnesses attempted to separate the two, and Pham left to receive treatment at the Lower Keys Medical Center. Le’s brother reportedly pulled him back into the house and locked the door.

The Sheriff’s Office did not report any other Super Bowl party issues over the weekend, sheriff;s spokeperson Becky Herrin said

“Other than this incident, it was relatively calm,” she said.

Here’s the way some of the national media headlined the story:

“Sacked! Man’s Testicles Punctured During Super Bowl Fight”

“Non-punctured testicles are key to a good Super Bowl party”

“Punctured testicles: Super Bowl party goes way, way south”