Suenalo explodes on to The Green Parrot Stage

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Suenalo, the Miami-based10-piece Afro-Latin-funk-jam band will
explode on to The Green Parrot Stage with its polyrhythmic display of
funk, mambo, hip-hop, and jam-band-style playino
Friday and Saturday, December 12 and 13th, beginning at 10 P.M.

Green Parrot patrons will be dancing, twisting and shouting for two
pelvis-grinding nights as Suenalo brings a their 10-piece funk /
afro-beat / jam band to the Parrot stage.
Any Parrot patron present for Suenalo’s Parrot debut earlier this
year will remember a barrage of
music that’s simultaneously Afro-Cuban, Dominican hip-hop, R&B,
Latin-Funk, Cuban Rhumba, and Colombian Cumbia
Suenala promises to
have Parrot dancers on their feet till the wee hours.

Created in 2002 in the vibrant neighborhood of Little Havana, Suénalo
has won legions of loyal fans and recently garnered Best Local Latin
Rock Band honors from the Miami New Times.

Suénalo Sound System is a true musical melting pot, with members who
hail from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, and
different parts of the United States.

Dubbed by Miami’s New Times as the source of Miami’s best new spin on
rock, Latin or otherwise, the group’s 10 members form a multicultural
cocktail, a crashing
wave of African beats, reggae, dancehall, and samba that makes Suenalo
one of the most ecclectic bands to emerge from Miami in years.

.. Outgoing lead singer Itagui Corea is Colombian; incoming Amin
DeJesus is Miami-Dominican. Drummer and singer Fabio Patiño is
Mexican; conga player Alan Ramos is Puerto Rican; keyboardist Tony
Laurencio and sax player Juan Turros are Miami Cubans; guitarists Phil
Maranges and Gerard Glecer are New York Cuban and Massachusetts
French, respectively. Chicago’s man in Suenalo is trombonist Chad
Bernstein. Other cities, states, and nations may not have a guy in
this band, but they are there in spirit: The ensemble employs rhythms
from Brazil to Jamaica, including samba, cumbia, rumba, son, hip-hop,
and reggae. “We’re mainly focusing on fusing Afro-beat and Latin
rhythms with funk and rhythm and blues,” Maranges says.

Melded with horns and gyrating, wah wah-peddled guitars Suénalo’s
celebratory jam session becomes an addictive fusion of Afro-Latino
rhythms and American funk that makes one jump in joyful praise.

Astute Parrot regulars will recognize Suenalo’s trombone player, Chad
Berstein, as the conch shell virtuoso/trombone player in the Spam
Allstars’ horn section when they blew the doors off the place last

The Green Parrot Bar is your Southernmost Center for Culture of All
Kinds, at the corner
of Whitehead and Southard Streets. For additional information call The
Green Parrot at 294-6133.
Some photos from Suenalo’s last appearance.
photo credits Nick Vagnoni