Suenalo Brings 10-piece funk/afro-latin/jam band to The Parrot stage

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What’s it like at The Parrot on A Suenalo Weekend? Have a look. 

Suenalo, The Miami-based 10-piece Afro-Latin-funk-jam band, exploded on to The Green Parrot Stage for two of funk, mambo, hip-hop, and jam-band-style this past Friday and Saturday.

Any Parrot patron present  will not forget the barrage of music that’s simultaneously Afro-Cuban, Dominican hip-hop, R&B, Latin-Funk, Cuban Rumba, and Colombian Cumbia. employing rhythms from Brazil to Jamaica.
The group’s members form a multicultural cocktail, a crashing wave of African beats, reggae, dancehall, and samba that make Suenalo one of the most eclectic bands to emerge from Miami in years. 

Lead singer Amin DeJesus is Miami-Dominican. Drummer and singer Fabio Patiño is Mexican. Conga player Alan Ramos is Puerto Rican. Keyboardist Adrian and sax player Juan Turros are Miami Cubans. Guitarist Gerard Glecer is Massachusetts French. Chicago’s man in Suenalo is Trombobist Chad Berenstein.                                                                                               Photo credits Jim Fossum