Photo of 5 piece band on stage at Green Parrot

Sound Check

You ask what’s new on our corner, well, as an example, where our music was traditionally a late-night affair, our Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5:30 to 7 PM “soundchecks” have given us a whole new audience, those who are not creatures of the night. It gives these folks a chance to experience a full 90 minute set of the great music that funnels through here and these fans have responded by turning out in droves.

Photo of crowded Key West bar at night

Hard to Define

It’s clearly more than a happy hour, dance-party might be closer but doesn’t really do it justice either.

It’s hard to describe if you haven’t been there, and hard to believe even when you have. Part concert, part social gathering it’s become a near-tribal experience for locals and visitors alike that seems to gather steam each month.

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