Some Personal Favorites of 2006

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These photos, while in no way intended as a highlight reel, represent, in no particular order, some of the things I posted this past year taht bear revisiting. I will add comments and a few more pictures as I get time, but i see midnight approaching. Happy New Year!

Vince Welnick did some incredible shows at The Parrot that sadly turned out to be his last. They were the closest thing to a concert I have ever seen at The Parrot. He was a humble,gracious and amazingly talented man.

Superbowl fever hits the Parrot as Heid tries to seperate Annie and Kenny before the Steeler-Colts playoff.

Chucken’s Boy Travis.

Vernon breaks it down last New Year’s Day.

Rock and Roll, Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame drumer Sam Lay

Jim Schwall signs Scotty’s Grandpa’s Ond Tradesman Archtop.

Shakey Jake on one of his last Parrot Drice-bys.

A nashville songwriter shotly befor he was yanked off stage

Brian Stoltz of The Funky meters

Life Imitates Art

Annie Raines and Paul Rishell put on a clinic for Rootsy Blues

The Mo’s give Vicki a red-headed send-off

Json Ricci blows the roof off the joint

Key West’s SoulMen Robert Albury and Cliff Sawyer

Another soulful duo at their chicken and waffle staion Kenny and Louie

Kenny belts it out with Nick Moss and The Flip Tops

Helen displays the Legends of the Green Parrot Guitar that would fetch $3100.00 at auction for aidshelp

Little Ed and Pat each sport a fez.

Life Imitates Art