Some More 2006 Snapshots

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Jimbo Mathus was the first performer to be seen on our webcam.

Jimbo Mathus takes a quuiet moment to catch up on his reading.

Pat and Little Ed

Blind Bluesman Bryan Lee

Larry’s Birthday

Kenny and Louie get ready to serve up Chicken and Waffles at The Gospel Brunch.

Kenny The Plumber belts one out with Nick Moss and The Flip Tops

The Juggernaut Jug Band

Joanna Connor

A Green Parrot Public Service Announcement

Annie greets on of the fully-clothed hockey coaches from Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The Hep Cat Boo Daddies

Heidi’s mom comes to visit and nearly misses her plane.

Corey Harris 5×5 Band at The Parrot in the spring

The autographed guitar

Helen displays an autographed guitar befor we auction it off for Aidshelp

Graham Wood Drout, of IKO-IKO signs one of our guitars

With Hedii as a ref, Annie and Kenny get ready to watch some football.

Fiddlers Contest

Fergie and Richie

A painting of fats by Steve Huele

Our first Green Parrot Music Festival included a tribute to Key west native Fats navarro

The Parrot at night

Using a hand model brought in for the photo shoot. The new candle is placed in it’s niche, awaiting the moment it needs to be transported to the grotto.

Colby checks on hos green Parrot hurricane Preparadeness Kit on the first day of Hurricane season

As a stand-alone bar, smoking was allowed by the state of Florida in The Green Parrot. That’s good because I didn’t want to tell this guy to put out his stogie.

Bill Blue tears It Up

Duwayne Burnside

A few of the boys busking on Whitehead Street

Guitar Mangler Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby

Bill Blue returns to The Parrot stage to visit….Bill Blue

Max and Dan set up shop selling t shirts at The Sidewalk Art Show

“I Wish I Knew How To Quit You”

Buco and former North Mississippi Allstar Duwayne Burnside.

The Green Parrot Bar bandhouse

Albert Castiglia, who became the most consistenly popular Parrot stage presence this year, give me the hig five as I go by.

Another hot band that emerged this year was Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, piuctured here with Alice, our favorite primate.

Here’s Linda, from Sugarloaf Key, the model for Steve Heuel’s “No Cover, No Minimum, No Wonder” Tripitych.

Tony Gregory, Max Irwin and dad Scott at The green Parrot “Off The Wall” sidewalk Art Show.

A former and current mayor face off and throw pots with Jay Cogin and his assistant from The Mud Pi studios