Some Kindred Spirits of The Uke Kind

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This from The Mana Maddy home page:

A monthly ukulele mini-fest at Actual Cafe in Oakland/Emeryville, with group ukulele lesson, uke-centric performances and a love and beer-fueled singalong. Hosted by Mana Maddy

These folks at Actual Cafe’s Monthly Ukulele Love-In in Oakland sure look like our kinda people.

This from their Facebook page:
Ukuleles will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through time with no ukulele.”

We shall gather in the friendly neighbourhood cafe setting of Oakleyville’s ACTUAL CAFE on the 2nd SATURDAY of every month to…

(7-7:40) learn more about this fantastic little instrument with a group lesson from a guest teacher each month;
(7:45-9:00) enjoy feature performances 1 or 2 uke-centric performers;
(9-9:30) rejoice in group ukuleling with a big ol uke play and singalong and grow an Actual Ukulele Songbook.

**Featured performers: The Paper Dolls & Mandalyn May
**Guest teacher: Mike DaSilva (

~~Your heart
~~Ukuleles if you got em
~~$5-10 contribution to pay the featured performers and the guest teacher
~~Songs to add to the songbook – please keep songs to 2 single-sided pages maximum and be sure to include both lyrics & chords

NOTE: You do NOT need to be a ukulele player or even a ukulele enthusiast. But you may be when you leave the Ukulele Love-In. Come one, come all, have a beverage, enjoy the happiest sounding instrument to be made from some hardwood and nylon strings, and be merry!

March 10: Mana Maddy Band ~ lesson with Harry Bolles
April 14: Paper Dolls, Mandalyn May ~ lesson with Mike DaSilva
May 12: Justin & David Ancheta ~ lesson with the Anchetas
June 9: Tippy Canoe, CJ Alegre ~ lesson with Tippy Canoe
July 14 & beyond: tba