So a Guy Walks into a Bar

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one…so a guy walks into a bar,
and says, “Hey, that picture on the wall behind me is a picture of my grandpa…”

…and it was stolen from
a bar on Stock Island…and “I want it back.”

now I KNOW this is bullshit because I brought that picture to the Parrot myself, from Sharkey’s Tavern, my old man’s bar, but this guy’s shirt does have an embroidered image of the old guy on the pocket, complete with the flies on his hat and everything, and it does does match the picture on the wall… so he does have me goin’ for a minute…and then he says how he gave that picture to Pat from “Nobody Knows” on Stock Island and that name… “Pat”, …. opens up a floodgate of incredulity until finally the guy says…

…. “never mind…that’s not my grandapa” .
Fuckin’ Pat