Smirkfest 2011

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Smirk’s 36th Birthday party at Friday’s Souncheck was a blast. What’s a birthday party without a cake.

Ane what kind of party would it be without music. That’s Vince Scardina fronting the V Ray Blues Band. Vince was around when Smirk was just a tot so it was only fitting he lead the crowd in Happy Birthday while Smirk, in a lesser known portrait, basks in the glow of his friends.

Feel the Love!

Here’s Tony Gregory getting a birds-eye view for a group photo to memorialize this somewhat surreal gathering of look-alikes

There will more shots to follow and  if you have any to submit, feel free to send them to

Well, the cake had been cut, the party was winding down, and here’s a few party-goers on the back porch that look like they’re waiting for their mom or dad to pick them up.