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Slide Guitar Diva  Joanna Connor Returns to Green Parrot

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Incendiary Chicago blues artist and Slide Guitar Diva  Joanna Connor Returns to Green Parrot

        Incendiary Chicago blues artist and Green Parrot favorite
Joanna  Connor explodes onto The Parrot stage    Upon her arrival in Chicago, it took Joanna but a few months to take
the city’s highly competitive blues circuit by storm. Chicago magazine
hailed her as “the most exciting new talent on the blues scene.” The
Chicago Sun Times called her a “powerhouse guitarist with a sense of
rock dynamics—her playing has a fire that is free of self-indulgence.”
She certainly took the savvy Green Parrot culture-lovers by storm, too.
JoannaConnor and her searing slide guitar work have been raising
eyebrows of blues aficionados and critics everywhere. Billboard said,
“Connor boasts a strong voice and is a truly dazzling guitarist, with
a flaming slide attack.”  Playboy said, “The obvious comparison is
Bonnie  Raitt, since she’s female and plays blues guitar.   I say
Connor’s a soprano Johnny Winter.”