Sign Still Lost, But New Beer Found

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The (Still) Missing Boca Chica Bar Sign

They say that when a door closes, a window opens up.
Well we at The Green Parrot felt that when a piece of memorobilia, a sign from a long-gone historical saloon went missing a door of Key West History had sort of closed up. Well, shortly after that loss, our sales representative from Yuengling Brewery, the nation’s oldest, called on us to tell us that Yuengling was that very same week rolling out Yuengling Light, as a complement to their phenomonally popular Yuengling Lager.

The Yuengling rep said barrels were extremely limited and, perhaps feeling pity on us for our recent loss, offered us first dibs on the five barrels he had chilling in his warehouse.

We of course accepted and sales of the new light lager have been brisk , with customers old and new walking in the door daily seeking the newest addition to the historic brand.

“A historic brand for a historic bar”.

Well, yes the sign is still missing, and yes we miss it, but from now on whenever we cry in our beer over that lost sign, you can be sure it’s a Yeungling Light Lager .

Here’s Mike, a visitor from Wenatchee Washington who, with his wife Ann were enjoying their first-ever Yuengling Light Lager, turned on to it by the bartender.

Halfway through his beer, Mike buttonholed me as I passe by on the way to my office., “Man, This beer is good. Say that name again. Where is this beer from?”

Mike was on vacation, chilling in The Green Parrot, obvviously enjoying his beer, enough so to snag a passerby, me, to offer his unsolicited reviw and to extol it’s virtues. Mike, since he knew nothing of the sign was far from crying in his beer, and not wishing to bring him down, I didn’t mention it.

If anybody sees that sign, could you please call me, I’ll by you a beer, and you don’t have to ask what kind.