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Sideman-Turned-Superstar Shawn Kellerman to Play Parrot

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Sideman-Turned-Superstar Shawn Kellerman to Play ParrotGuitar wizard Shawn Kellerman will appear at the Green Parrot

Those Parrot regulars who keep track of the sidemen who perform with
the stellar acts that cross The Parrot stage will no doubt remember
Shawn Kellerman as the smokin’ lead guitarist who blew the room away
on his gigs here with Canadian harp player Paul Reddick and  his
aptly-named band The Sidemen.
Now Shawn is poised, on his own,  to join the inner circle of
musicians who define modern blues. Traditional forms are reinterpreted
— a not-so-subtle union of past and present delivered with ferocious
These years on the road gave birth to Shawn’s trademark live stage
presence, an unforgettable high-energy assault on the audience that is
as much felt as heard.