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Green Parrot Bar, Key West, Florida
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There have been a lot of questions lately about when we might have live music again, and as for now we cannot commit to having entertainment as it typically draws large crowds that would likely make social distancing difficult, if not impossible to maintain.
From the start our priority has been to insure the safety of our staff, patrons, and community and that has not changed. To us it has always seemed like common sense.
So we are taking our time before we book live music at The Parrot. Even in New Orleans, an entire city with music as it's calling card, live music still remains prohibited. We get it, we all love the music at the Green Parrot, almost as much as we love the popcorn, but we’re doing this out of love and because we believe it's the right thing to do and we believe it’s one way we can help keep people here safe.
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Green calm below, blue quietness above.     

John Greenleaf Whittier

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Had the pleasure of being a fly on the wall this afternoon listening to these two legends talk about the old days in Key West.
John Martini is perhaps the most recognized and accomplished artist on the island, and John Vagnoni is the owner and face of the fabled Green Parrot Bar.
They both showed up to the island from the Northeast in the 1970s with an open mind and the idea that the end of the road might, in fact, be just the beginning.
It’s inspiring to see them both still really happy living where they live and doing what they do.
I’ve been lucky enough to work with and get to know both of them over the years and can only hope I’ll accumulate a fraction of the catalog of work and wisdom they’ve generated through the decades.
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When you elope, you take bar breaks 🍻 🙌🏼 💚 #keywest #greenparrotbar ...

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We were flattered and honored to learn this week we were named the number one dive bar in the South by Southern Living magazine.
We know that of late, "dive bar" has become a wildly misapplied and overused appellation and, we also know that, for a few reasons some may even feel that the Green Parrot may have strayed too far from our roots to qualify.
For example, some say a true dive should never appear in print unless it is closing, or mentioned as a crime-scene.
Others say that a clean, safe, well-run joint, (which we are), without the sense that shit could get dangerously strange at any moment does not qualify.
It should also be noted as other potential disqualifiers that we no longer have a condom machine in the restroom, nor are there discarded whippits strewn about.

While we do have a pinball machine and a great jukebox, as well as having a string or two of year-round Christmas lights, all dive staples, we do understand and concede that just having them doesn’t make you a dive.

What we do understand however, and here’s where I think we do qualify, is that a dive bar is one of society’s best accidentally-created things ever and we believe it’s clear to even the most casual observer that no one could ever have planned this place.
In reality, dive bars are, put simply, neighborhood places that serve reasonably-priced simple drinks with no pretense and have no-nonsense attitudes where, to name just one example, it's patently understood you can choose to be social, or can choose to be left alone to drink in private.
These are the places that pretty much say, “don’t F*** with anyone here and everything will be fine.” Our decor was once described as being whatever the clientele was wearing that day, and we acknowledge that our clientele is motley and changes according to the time of day.
In the words of local author Joy Williams, "The Parrot has an engagingly louche clientele, a pool table and a dart board, odd art, and an attitude best described by the sign over the booze shelves: 'No Sniveling'”
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We are looking ahead to October and what is shaping up to be yet another month of great music and cultural activities here on our little corner of Franklin and Einstein.
First up, Spred The Dub, Awarded “Best Reggae Band” by Broward-Palm Beach New Times as well as a win in the “Best Band” category from Miami New Times. Look for another dose of infectious ska-fueled shenanigans and plenty of that “Good Time Reggae” we all know and love.
Next four-time Grammy-winner Trae Pierce and his 9-piece bass-driven mix of funk, hip-hop, blues, and rock, who all but tore the roof off the place on his last Green Parrot visit.
Following right behind Trae don't miss Miami Blues-Rocker Albert Castiglia.
Next we host the "Your Favorite Band!", Siberian Surf-Rockers Igor and The Red Elvises, returning with their unique blend of Russian folk music, 50’s rockabilly, and surf. rock. The month wraps up with Xperimento, the Grammy-Nominated Latin/Rock Fusion troupe that promises to turn up the heat on the dance floor for two steamy nights.
There's 100% for Charity Bingo every Monday Night, Live Jazz on the first Sunday of the month and on the first Wednesday of the month it’s Green Parrot Ukulele Night, Key West's only Uke-powered jam session.
We present as well local talent that continue to mix blues, rock, reggae, and jam, supplied by Andy Westcott's Electrified Trio, Tony Baltimore's Wilde Awake, as well as inspired performances by Key West chanteuse Claire Finley, Myles Mancuso and Jason Lamson, jam-rocker Jesse Wagner, and Key West's King of Soul Robert Albury. Look for Rolando Rojas' "Mojito" to create a Salsa dance party and be here as we introduce a some late night sets with DJ Sanaris, fresh off his Bubba's People Choice award as Key West's Best D.J.
The Green Parrot Bar: "No Cover, No Minimum, No Wonder", free popcorn, spine-tingling cocktails, great live music, classic jukebox, pool, darts, and pinball, all for the price of a beer, Your Southernmost Center for Culture of All Kinds.#greenparrotbar #localsbar #bestbar#bestlivemusicvenue#divebar #nocovernominimumnowonder #firstandlastbaronus1#keywest #keywestmusic@greenparrotbar

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One-Man Band Ben Prestage Brings Delta Blues on Slide Guitar and Diddley-Bow to Parrot
Making his long awaited return to The Parrot stage, one-man band Ben Prestage will perform American roots music and Southern Country Blues on slide guitar and diddley-bow on Saturday, October 24th, with shows at 5;30 and 9:00 p.m. and 5:30 pm on Sunday, October 25th #jimfossumphotos
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The top photo was taken in The Brown Derby over 60 years ago and the one below it was taken in The Green Parrot last Veterans Day.
If you look behind them as well as over their left shoulders you can see both photos were taken with the front-corner windows of our building with the overhang visible over their left shoulders through the open front door.
After so many years, we are proud to continue to welcome America’s finest through our doors.
This Veteran's Day, all of us here at The Green Parrot Bar would like to take the time to thank the men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces and express our gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made and continue to make.
Today and every day, we couldn't say thank you enough.
To those seaman pictured in the recent photo, Matt, Greg, and Steve, stay safe, God bless, and thanks for all you do. To those in the older photo, we remain forever grateful for your service.
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open credits on the juke box unless the hudaks hog them all @jimfossumphotos #greenparrotbar #bestjukebox ...

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