“Set the Wayback Machine” or Tell Cave-Man Dave we Got His Beer in

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Since we’ve started serving Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA at The Parrot we’ve had a few posts about Dogfish Head owner San Calagione’s penchant for resurrecting long-lost recipes for malt beverages, such as Midas Touch, created from sediment found on drinking vessels in the tomb of King Midas in Turkey, or making a batch of chicha, a traditional Latin American corn beer. but we’re in Way-Back Machine Territory with this one.

Aged 9,000 Years, Ancient Beer Finally Hits Stores
Scraping The Bottom Of The Beer Barre

Dogfish Head brewery is known for making exotic beer with ingredients like crystallized ginger or water from Antarctica, so it might not sound surprising that one of its recent creations is a brew flavored simply by grapes and flowers. It’s not the recipe that makes this beer so special; it’s where that recipe was found: a Neolithic burial site in China.
Chateau Jiahu is a time capsule from 7,000 B.C., but to hear Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione talk about what beer was actually like back then, it’s not the kind of thing that makes you say “Hey, pass me another ice-cold ancient ale!”
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