Sailor Jerry Rum Brand Ambassador Lisa Hare Pays a Visit to The Parrot

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Sailor Jerry Rum Brand Ambassador Lisa Hare pays a visit to The Parrot as a guest of Premier Beverage.
Here she clutches some of Bob Sexton’s homegrown tomatoes as Tommy The Fisherman (left) and  Premier Beverage Salesperson, our own Vicki Roush (right), looks on.

That’s some tomato from  Bob the Farmer. Who knew?

No, that’s some tomato, I haven’t seen a fruit or vegtable that suggestive since the Radish Festival in Oaxaca.

Lisa has an idea for Parrot bartender Annie B.

In a few moments we have have a Sailor Jerry Bloody Mary, I can’t remember if we called it a Sailor Mary or a Bloody Jerry, but Cecil and Vicki gave it an A+ and said it needs to be on our menu.
Also discussed was a Green Parrot Big Screen showing of  “Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry”, the Sailor Jerry documentary, on a date soon to be announced. Breakout the red carpet and velvet ropes. We already have the popcorn.

Lisa and 915 bartender Ian Rowan with their respective love apples.