Rockin’ Jake Update (and others)

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Jake’s cool, and in DFW with his lovely wife. Seems his home is totalled, but he and Christy are safe and together. He’s mourning the absence of funk. While we talked, he was sitting in a Starbucks. He waxed philisophically about wishing he could be having coffee at Jeanna’s Deli or some Cuban coffee shop in Key West, or some nieghborhood joint in his home town. He’s looking forward to being welcomed home to one of his favorite funky joints, The Green Parrot, for New Year’s Eve, to embrace the funk.

Dash Rip Rock reports in that all present and former bandmates are safe as well. Today, I’m wearing my favorite Dash T-shirt: Fear of a Cajun Planet. For me today, it’s a political statement.

Take a look at New Orlean’s independent radio station WWOZ’s website for the rundown of known N.O. musicians known to be safe.