Rock-a-Billy Legend Sleepy LaBeef, Dec. 5th

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Sleepy La Beef Finally Returns to Green Parrot

It’s been way, way too long since Sleepy LaBeef has rocked the stage at The Green Parrot Bar, but he’s finally back On Tuesday, December 5th beginning at 10 P.M. including a special 5:30 P.M. “soundcheck” Tuesday afternoon.
Sleepy has recently marked over 45 years in show business, and shows no signs of letting up. The recipe is simple: plunk down LaBeef with a crack band and let him fly through song gems plucked from the obscure reaches of his legendary 6,000+ song catalog.
The New York Times has said “Mr. LaBeef is a living, breathing guitar-picking history of American music….he constitutes a national treasure.”.
Accolades from major publications leave little room for doubt:
“A high-octane feast of good country music.”
– Billboard
“Sleepy LaBeef is a survivor. For close to three decades he has toured honky tonks, saloons and roadhouses dishing out genuine rockabilly and boogie music. He possesses one of the most distinctive and compelling baritone voices ever to be heard in rock. The music that he plays is not predicted on the nostalgia of the current rockabilly revival. Sleepy does not imitate tradition. Sleepy is that tradition.”
– Detroit Metro Times

“…LaBeef is the genuine article. Without him, the new regime of rockabilly would have less to emulate. Some music cooks, LaBeef roasts.”
– Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“…eclectic and encyclopedia sets…fluid guitar and subterranean rockabilly baritone…a set with LaBeef is an American musical education that shows he remains an original and a contender.”
– Chicago Tribune
Musician magazine reviewed Sleepy’s recent CD, I’ll Never Lay Down My Guitar. “Rockabilly veteran LaBeef hasn’t lost anything off his fastball over the years. If anything, he gets better as he gets older. Maybe vocal cords need extra years to ferment properly for true resonance, or maybe it’s just accumulated wisdom. Whichever, LaBeef can hit those basso profundo low notes like no one else except maybe Johnny Cash and Bobby Nunn from the Coasters. So when he tells you to have a good time, he isn’t just urging you. That’s a command to get down.
The Green Parrot remains your Southernmost Center for Rock-a-Billy Culture at the corner of Whitehead and Southard Streets. For additional information call The Green Parrot at 294-6133.