Red Elvises at the Parrot

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Red Elvises Deliver Kick-Ass Rock ‘n Roll from Siberia

Famed Siberian surf rockers The Red Elvises roar back into The Parrot for a two-day stand Tuesday and Wednesday, June 5 and 6th including a pelvis-grinding 5:30 P.M. “soundcheck” on Wednesday.

Promising two big nights of kick-ass rock ‘n roll Igor says they’re ready to “blow the new awning right off the joint”.
Three actual Russians and a Texan form this indisputably unforgettable
band that The Minneapolis Star Tribune described as a ” a Molotov cocktail of… rockabilly, surf, Tex-Mex, klezmer, swing, Slavic melodies, film scores, TV theme songs, Middle Eastern licks and gypsy scales.”
This special blend of Russian and world ethnic music, reckless surf
and rockabilly licks, and good old Rock ‘n Roll can only lead to two
wild nights of high-energy music.

..Since their last visit.the Red Elvises have expanded their sound — and their lineup. “We’ve got two girls in the band now,” lead singer/guitarist Igor Yuzov tell us, “One is playing accordion and one is playing guitar and banjo.”
VH1 produced a documentary about the band and they’ve appeared in four
feature movies.The Green Parrot Bar is the Southernmost Center for Culture, at the
corner of Southard and Whitehead Streets, and at www. greenparrot.
com. For additional information call 294-6133.