Props to Susan Olsen

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A Solares Hill: The Blog post this morning features one our our best friends and past customers, Susan Olsen, the former director of The Key West Art and Historical Society and now the now the executive director of the Friends of Woodlawn, the historic Bronx, New York cemetery.
A loyal Parrot patron, it was Susan who through her diligence and exhaustive research managed to single-handedly big-deal The National Register of Historic Places into accepting The Green Parrot.
Much of her research, I might add, was done on-site, relentlessly mining the Parrot archives,sometimes long into the night, with little or no compensation.
Oddly enough, this morning,while photographing another Green Parrot rara avis, a City of Key West Building Permit, I inadvertedly included our proudly displayed bronze National Registry of Historic Places Plaque. Thanks again Susan.