Props for Our Juke Box

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I came across this post recently from a blogger/music fan from Baltimore’s WTMD radio station who had just returned from Key West and spoke of the fairly homogenized Key West music scene and how impressed he was with the selections on the Parrot juke box, painting it as kind of an oasis for music lovers on vacation here. Chicken says she remembers the guy mining the juke box last Tuesday afternoon and we thank him for the nod.
He also mentions our live music and the webcam broadcasts, which reminds me of a fellow up north who emails me regularly to comment on the web cam and says that even on days when there is no band playing he likes to listen to the juke box while he’s at work. He emailed me the other day: “Hey, somebody put a quarter in the juke box!”
So thanks to Steve, our blogger from Baltimore, glad you liked our taste in music. We work at it. You can see the contents of our juke box for yourself here. minus a few recent additions and subtractions as we try to keep it fresh.