Porcine Battle Royal Shaping Up For This Sunday’s Art Show

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As a special attraction, this year’s show will
include A “Pig-Off”, pitting a whole roast pig from Jay’s Cuban Box
against pork shoulders from The Big Green Egg of Richard Talmedge
from The Restaurant Store. A tasting will follow with all proceeds
from the pork to benefit Key West High’s Pro Start Culinary program.

Looking tan, rested and ready, here is Jay Gogin (bearded on right) with his handler Tom Joris, itching to get started on his whole roast pig from his “la Caja China”, a Cuban pig-roasting Box
In a kind of bizarre counterpoint, looking all pink and fuzzy, here is challenger Richard Talmedge ready to crank out some succulent pork shoulders from his Big Green Egg.
from The Restaurant Store