Pat’s Big Fifty Party!

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Well, the night we all waited for, the night we all train for, arrived. Pat’s Fiftieth Birthday. Here’s Pat, jovial as ever, thanking all the well-wishers for taking the time out to ring in his next half-century. Whatever he said got Larry going too.
There were a ton of folks there… from all over.
I was waiting for Ralph Edwards to get up and take the mike.
Buco, whose birthday is just one year and one day removed from Pat brought the foo from his Waterfront Market and I’m so sorry to say that we have no pictures of the spread. People that ate before they came were bummed because there was so much food and everything looked so good. And any rate a great time was had by all. Some people showed up a week early with gifts in hand only to be informed of the correct date and I got an inquiry tonight wondering what time the festivities would begin tomorrow. oh well, that’s the way we do things around here.
Happy Birthday G and many, many more. We love you.