Parrotphenalia on Facebook? It happens.

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We can’t really get up to serve you a cold one while you’re at home. But there are things we can do for you while you’re home and not here at the bar…

You might have noticed on the left of our Facebook page that there’s a bunch of new tabs with Smirk’s, well, smirk on them. It’s all for a purpose.

In our constant effort to improve your quality of life online (til you get back down here), we’ve made it easier for you or your doppleganger to enjoy the Green Parrot online experience while you’re busy at home keeping up with Facebook friends.

We’ve created a Green Parrot Facebook Store, so now, while you’re busy schmoozing with friends, you’re just a mouse click away from your real friends here at the Green Parrot.

Now, for the first time, without risking the separation anxiety that comes from not knowing what kind of latte one of your eight thousand friends just ordered or the instant gratification of being able to instantly view pictures of some of your friends in Italy; without leaving Facebook you can replace your threadbare Green Parrot T-shirt, score a few Green Parrot pint glasses to fill while your watching the band or just kill some time between sets browsing around our gift shop.

Just go right to The Green Parrot Facebook Store from the regular Green Parrot Facebook page by clicking on Gift Items, Must Haves, ot other Parrot merchandise offered in the left hand column.

It’s that easy. And you did it all without leaving your friends. Now, who do you love?