Parrot Sponsors Kayakers in Everglades Kayak Fishing Tournament

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The AFWC (Adventure Fishing World Championship) is a new format of kayak fishing that combines: fishing, strategy, navigation and paddling resulting in a true Everglades Adventure!  On Saturday March 2nd, 2013  teams of two anglers will compete to reach and catch fish at a minimum of 3 out of  5  eligible checkpoints, in any order,and return to the start/finish before checking at 5PM with the largest total fish length. This is a catch-photo-release redfish, snook, and trout tournament.    Routes will vary between 6-12 miles, and should take 6-9 hours to complete. PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE DIFFICULTY OF THIS EVENT.
The Adventure Fishing World Championship will be held deep in the waters of the Everglades National Park-the largest designated sub-tropical wilderness reserve on the North American continent.  

Pictured below are our friends Sean Morton and Emily Crum who are participants in the First Annual  Adventure Fishing World Championship, a kayak fishing tournament held in the Everglades.
Sean and Emily knew that, with a cold front pushing through this weekend, the conditions  on the water would be daunting and the wanted their message (and The Green Parrot’s mantra) to be a loud and clear “No Snivelling”. Sponsored by The Green Parrot Kayak Society they left the Green Parrot equipped to deliver that message with two brand new Green Parrot No Snivelling caps and No Snivelling bumper stickers for their kayaks.

There will be NO water or food support on course. Once you leave the start/finish you are on your own. There will be no drops, or other outside support available or permitted. Be prepared for any circumstances you may encounter including, but not limited to: medical emergencies, navigational errors, inoperable equipment, wild animals, and weather.

Here’s the suggested route through the Ten Thousands Islands in Florida Bay.

And here’s the final scorecard showing Sean and Emily “Dead Last”  team as a misnomer as they finish at a respectable # 23 out of  33 teams. Way to go guys. We’ll a couple warm barstools and cold beers waiting for you when you get back.