Parrot Bartenders Agree, “Chivers Know How to Order a Drink”

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The Chive website posted this invite to all their kindred spirits who might  be in the vicinity to meet up for a drink at The Green Parrot on Sunday night.

We were at first flattered and at the same time a little anxious not knowing what to expect.

Well over the course of the evening, scores of chivers descended on The Parrot.

“As many of you already know, Patty and I are drinking our way across Key West this week on our vacation. We can’t believe how many Chivers there are on this little island so we thought we’d throw an unofficial meetup and buy y’all some drinks.

We’ll be at our most favorite bar in the world, the Green Parrot on Sunday around 7pm. Swing by and raise a glass! I’m drunk, I’m not spell checking this.”

Well they did show up, scores of them, and the report from our staff was that that they were a pleasure to be around, gentleman every one. The Green Parrot Red Book reports, “good people, Jonathan Resig, head of the group, was great….Invite them back.”

Our bartenders number one compliment they paid the Chivers was, “They know how to order a drink”.