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“Oh Diosa Mia” or “Tell me it aint so ….”

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We just got word that after nearly a dozen years of preaching their gospel of “The New Mambo Revival”, Cabaret Diosa, the wildly popular Colorado-based retro Latin dance band and Green Parrot favorites, are planning what will be their final appearance to be held Halloween night at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. Pictured here in photos taken both inside the parrot and outside on the sidewalk from their May, 2005 Parrot show it’s obvious that they were crowd pleasers to say the least. There was no other band, bar none, that whipped up the Parrot crowd like these folks. Their trademark march into the bar to begin their show and their conga line exits are forever part of Parrot lore. “Oh Diosa Mia” or “Tell me it aint so ….”
More news of Cabaret Diosa can be found on their website http://www.cabaretdiosa.com/CABnews.html