“No Room At The Gin”: The Hendrick’s Gin Nativity Scene

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Hendricks Nativity Scene
“I know what we’ll be drinking in Hell”-Vicki Roush

I just want to say that whoever came up with this idea (Nick) had a lot more than visions of sugarplums dancing around in their head.

Inspired originally by the very adorable miniatures of Hendrick’s Gin, the small-batch, hand crafted Scottish Gin infused with cucumbers…

…John somehow got to this.

It became a family affair when Dan expanded on the Three Kings motif by stepping up the garb…

…throw in The Holy Family…

…and The Shepards watching their sheep by night (also clad and staffed by Dan).
Also a nod to Green Parrot bartender Kate for supplying the creche.

Hendrick’s Gin, “It’s Sacra-licious”

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